Hello! I am a 16 year old American/British student about to take the International-GCSE exams in May-June. I am currently studying abroad, in Switzerland to be exact, hence the ‘I’ in the ‘IGCSEs!’ Subsequently I will be posting all of my IGCSE study notes for my subjects including the following: Geography, Biology, History, Economics, English Literature, English Language, Mathematics and Latin. I am personally pursuing the sciences, therefore I shall be concentrating a tiny more on Biology, Geography and Mathematics, instead of subjects like humanities – sorry! In 2016 I will be continuing on with the Chemistry IGCSE, Physics IGCSE, Physics A-Level, Maths A-Level, Biology A-Level and as an exception to the science path course I will be taking the English Literature A-Level.

On this website I shall also be posting my Position Paper for the Model United Nations. I will be debating the the United States of America’s perspective concerning the topic of the Israel – Palestine conflict. This program happens externally to my curriculum and is not a part of this IGCSE syllabus. I shall also be posting resolution papers for the European Youth Parliament, again, this is separate from my IGCSE course.

This website is still a work in progress, notes will continue to be added over the course of the next couple weeks as it continues to be under construction. This site was started on April 5th, so imaginably there is still much to do! Lastly, if anyone urgently needs a set of notes covered by my curriculum I will happily make them for you on request. These notes are meant for on the go studying, via mobiles, as I travel by bus, tram, car, and train to school! Welcome to my site, please read the Introduction to my IGCSE Revision Page, for a little more information on the layout and content and I hope you find the notes to be of use!

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